ehumanlife, tribute to Maria Calabuig

Today, July 20, 2015, it’s been one year since Maria left us, a very important person to me and to the evolution of ehumanlife. Her disease was one of the milestones that revealed the need and utility of a global communication platform between patients and highly specialized physicians.

The daily experiences showed that communication between patient and doctor had to be more than a hospital room, a doctor’s office, a schedule or a concrete and single opinion.

Her constant support, happiness, affection, humility, and her will to live and beat the disease were stimulus to carry on with this project, above any bureaucratic barrier.

The constant overcoming spirit she showed during all her life has become a source of hope for other people to have the chance of getting a medical second opinion from world class highly specialized physicians as quick as possible and avoiding both geographic and socioeconomic barriers.

Thanks for being part of my life and this company. Forever.